Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Forever Untitled

As I let a tear fall from my eye
I'm reminded of all the pain i ever felt in my entire life
Please don't let my smile or the battering of my eyes fool you
For there is an aching heart hiding beneath the facade I alone have created

For what seems like a life time,
I have tried to please everyone first and me second
and for that I suffer pain, insecurities, doubt and false hope

Layer by layer more pain is created
I break away from one, to only be confronted by another
I fall to my knees until they bloody red, as though they are resting upon salt

Every word I say comes from my heart
Every tear I shed comes from my pain
And every okay I say is beyond redundant

Let this be a lesson learned for both of us
I don't care about you anymore
I live for me and your existence has now become mediocre

Shall I no longer live the life I was never meant to live
Nor shall I carry the burden of caring about what others want or think of me

This is a new era, one that lives within me
And one that is all about my needs....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

drunken truth

everyday people tell you what they think at the time is the truth
but its more then likely that what they are telling you is the watered down version of the truth
im telling you this because i've done it and i still do it

at one point in your life you was either told or will be told that the truth comes out when your drunk but that is only half the truth
the truth does come out but don't believe for one second that it cant be changed to fit the story

liquor is just an excuse to allow people like you and me to act on emotions that we would not normally do when we are sober

dont ask
dont question
just understand that this is the.....


Friday, July 16, 2010

Tell Me!

Tell me all the things you hold back
Tell me all the things your feeling
Telling me all the things you can't tell no one else

Dont think of me "them"
Think of me as one part that makes you whole
I ask you to be real with me because I will forever be real with you

To me...
You are the beats my heart takes
The brush of fresh air that I breath into my lungs
You are the first thing I think of when I open my eyes and the last thing I think of when I close my eyes
You are everything to me

So Tell me, Tell me, Tell me....
Everything on your mind, today tomorrow and everyday to come

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Being scared is an emotion that has no age limit
And it tends to hit you at the simple moments in your life that seem trivial

I'm Scared...
Not scared of what you think of me
Not even scared of how you perceive me
But I am scared of you taking advantage of me

Putting my heart on the line is the biggest step I think I can take
For it gives you the chance to play with it, break it and sometimes even mend it

So this is me putting my fears to the side
Putting my heart on the line
And facing the scared feelings inside me face to face

So here it goes...

Its to early to tell so I know I don't love
Its been months since we meet so I'm sure that I'm into you
Its been weeks since my feelings made them self clear
So lets not wait days to make us clear

I want you and I want you now
I've already been scared so you don't need to play that card
Just step to me like a man, hold your head up high
Take me down!

Scared?....Not no more