Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Forever Untitled

As I let a tear fall from my eye
I'm reminded of all the pain i ever felt in my entire life
Please don't let my smile or the battering of my eyes fool you
For there is an aching heart hiding beneath the facade I alone have created

For what seems like a life time,
I have tried to please everyone first and me second
and for that I suffer pain, insecurities, doubt and false hope

Layer by layer more pain is created
I break away from one, to only be confronted by another
I fall to my knees until they bloody red, as though they are resting upon salt

Every word I say comes from my heart
Every tear I shed comes from my pain
And every okay I say is beyond redundant

Let this be a lesson learned for both of us
I don't care about you anymore
I live for me and your existence has now become mediocre

Shall I no longer live the life I was never meant to live
Nor shall I carry the burden of caring about what others want or think of me

This is a new era, one that lives within me
And one that is all about my needs....

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