Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Being scared is an emotion that has no age limit
And it tends to hit you at the simple moments in your life that seem trivial

I'm Scared...
Not scared of what you think of me
Not even scared of how you perceive me
But I am scared of you taking advantage of me

Putting my heart on the line is the biggest step I think I can take
For it gives you the chance to play with it, break it and sometimes even mend it

So this is me putting my fears to the side
Putting my heart on the line
And facing the scared feelings inside me face to face

So here it goes...

Its to early to tell so I know I don't love
Its been months since we meet so I'm sure that I'm into you
Its been weeks since my feelings made them self clear
So lets not wait days to make us clear

I want you and I want you now
I've already been scared so you don't need to play that card
Just step to me like a man, hold your head up high
Take me down!

Scared?....Not no more