Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some other kind of love

You ask me how I feel
And I always answer you with a "fine"
You ask me am I sure 
I look at you and ask why wouldn't be
You say you just wanted to make sure,
So I say, oh okay and we leave it at that, with nothing else to say

When your gone out my sight
I sigh...
In relief? In pain? or just in amazement?......
In amazement!

Because God has delivered me from so much grief and when he gave me you
I felt special, like he gave me more love then anyone else
I mean he made you just for me, what more proof do I need?

Were not perfect,
You leave the toilet seat up
I have my make up all over the bathroom
You like sports
I like to shop
In other words, tedious shit that makes us who we are.....LOL

Yet we tend to do perfect things...At least we think so
We tell each other Good Morning, every morning
I tell you I miss you after being apart for just a day
You call me to hear my voice when you haven't seen me in a few hours
There's more, but I think they get the point


Our love is not like....
His love, Her love, or even Their love

Our love is different
Our love is.... 
Some other kind of love

A define love!, 
Yeah that is some other kind of love.

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