Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Future

Thoughts gone unspoken
Emotions left untended to
Day's passing me by because I have nothing to live for....

Some may find this ridiculous or even may be shocked
But this is what's going on inside my mind, within my thoughts

I look in the mirror and though I may see my reflection,
I see no future

It's as though I'm looking past the surface,
through the glass,
into passing time
and seeing the worse I could see

I could have the money
I could have fame
I could have the big house
And yet it feels all the same

I guess getting down to the surface of it all
I lost something that I can never get back
And that missing part created a void that just seems to grow and grow and grow...

At the moment,
I have his heart in my chest and mines in his
I have the friends I call family and the family I call friends
I have my life ahed of me
I have a good college and criminal law in my corner

But yet I look in the mirror and see no future

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