Thursday, February 19, 2009

A piece of my thoughts

Being young is just a moment in time
Living life to its fullest is what we are expected to do
We thrive, live, explore, wonder & grow
We go on living life until the day we cant live it no more

As time passes and I grow a little older, I learn some things I wish I never had to learn
but then I understand and deal with the fact that I must learn some things
even if it seems to hard for me to bare

But then there are the things in life that makes al of your troubles seem insignificant...
There are the people you call friends and the friends you call family

Its is only because of you that I seem to make it through the problems I have,
whether your next to me or not

It's the strength that you gave me
The spirt that you help me build up
The push you gave me to keep moving
And the advice that you forced in my head
I love you all!!!

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